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Online Dating Advice: These Are The Red Flags To Watch Out For

Online Dating Advice: These Are The Red Flags To Watch Out For

Online Dating - asdnmaipn - November 13, 2017

Online dating was supposed to make meeting people easier, but sometimes it feels like it’s just presented a new set of challenges.…

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Is Chivalry Dead? Here's What Online Dating Research Says

Is Chivalry Dead? Here’s The One Thing Men Want Women To Do, According to Online Dating Research

About 50more, Online Dating - asdnmaipn - November 2, 2017

Things have changed quite a bit since we first began dating as teenagers. Do the dating roles we learned back then still…

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Is Online Dating Bad? Taking A Look At One of Its Biggest "Problems"

Is Online Dating Bad? These Are The Pros & Con Of Having So Many Options

Online Dating - asdnmaipn - October 17, 2017

Is online dating bad? Let’s put aside the myths about online dating. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the most…

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Hack Online Dating With These 10 Tips

How To Hack Online Dating: 10 Lessons From The Woman Who Found Love On Her Own Terms

Online Dating - asdnmaipn - October 16, 2017

We could all learn a lesson from Amy Webb. She was having trouble finding a man to date, and everyone in her…

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Stop Thinking All Men Are The Same

Here’s How To Stop Thinking All Men Are The Same (And What Thinking That Says About You)

Dating Over 50 - asdnmaipn - October 5, 2017

Have you ever thought all men are the same? Many of us have had moments where we wonder if all men are cheaters or all…

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Do Happy Couples Have Sex More?

Here’s How Often Happy Couples Are Really Having Sex

Dating Over 50 - asdnmaipn - October 4, 2017

While a lot has changed since we were teenagers, our questions about sex still run rampant. Are we having enough sex? Should…

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Online Dating Studies Reveal Whether It's Actually Better

These 4 Studies Prove Online Dating Is Better Than Offline

Dating Over 50, Online Dating - asdnmaipn - October 2, 2017

Your friends have all recommended online dating to you, but you’re still skeptical. It can be hard to believe that online dating…

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Is There Any Truth To These Online Dating Myths?

Debunking The 5 Most Common Online Dating Myths

Online Dating - asdnmaipn - September 28, 2017

Everyone seems to have an idea of what online dating involves, even if they’ve never tried it. Whether it’s the idea that…

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This Is How To Choose The Best Online Dating Photo

These Are The Tricks To Choosing The Most Successful Online Dating Photo

Online Dating - asdnmaipn - September 26, 2017

Choosing a picture to use for your dating profile can be one of the trickiest parts of online dating. Should you smile?…

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How 50more Solves The Biggest Problems With Online Dating

The Biggest Problems With Online Dating — & How 50more Fixes Them

About 50more, Online Dating - asdnmaipn - September 25, 2017

So, you’ve decided to give online dating a try. Your friends and family had recommended it, and you feel the timing is…

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