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Here's The Best Dating Advice For Women From Men

This Is The Best Dating Advice For Women To Follow, According To Men

When it comes to dating, most of us wish we had someone to tell us exactly what we should be doing. It’s much…

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Don't Listen To Bad Dating Advice

6 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice You Should Stop Listening To

If you’re single, you’ve probably heard every piece of dating advice imaginable. It seems everyone is an expert, and they’re all just dying…

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Online Dating Advice: These Are The Red Flags To Watch Out For

Online Dating Advice: These Are The Red Flags To Watch Out For

Online dating was supposed to make meeting people easier, but sometimes it feels like it’s just presented a new set of challenges.…

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How You Treat Your Ex Says A Lot About You

How You Treat Your Ex Says A Lot About You — Here’s What You Need To Know

After a break-up, it’s difficult to find a good way to treat your ex. Whether you’re completely moving on with your life…

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Here's How To Get Over Your Ex As Fast As Possible

How To Get Over Your Ex As Quickly As Possible

Anyone who has ever been through a break-up knows that one of the hardest things in the world can be to get…

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Here's What To Do When An Ex Won't Let Go

This Is What You Need To Do If Your Ex Won’t Let Go

Divorces and break-ups are always difficult experiences to endure. It’s hard enough to reach the decision to end things, but it can…

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How NOT To Talk About Your Ex

This Is Exactly How You Shouldn’t Talk About Your Ex

Dating again after a serious relationship has its fair share of challenges. One thing people tend to struggle with is how to…

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Is Chivalry Dead? Here's What Online Dating Research Says

Is Chivalry Dead? Here’s The One Thing Men Want Women To Do, According to Online Dating Research

Things have changed quite a bit since we first began dating as teenagers. Do the dating roles we learned back then still…

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7 Tips To Have The Best Halloween Sex of Your Life

Here’s How To Spice Up Your Sex Life With Some Explosive Halloween Sex

We’ve already explored how Halloween dates can lead to falling in love, but there are more ways for adults to enjoy this…

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These Halloween Date Ideas Will Help You Fall In Love

These Halloween Date Ideas Could Help You Fall In Love This Year

Ghosts, witches, and zombies, oh my! Halloween has a reputation as the scariest day of the year, so we tend to overlook…

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