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How To Survive Your First Post-Divorce Thanksgiving

How To Survive Your First Post-Divorce Thanksgiving

Your first post-divorce Thanksgiving can be a particularly heart-wrenching experience. Last year, your family was together around the table, but this year,…

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The Best Movies About Middle-Aged Couples

11 Movies About Middle-Aged Couples: These Are The Best Films About Love After 50

Lately, we’ve been finding that our movie nights have been less than satisfying. We prepare our popcorn, pour our wine, cozy up…

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Use These Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life For Explosive Sex After 50

By now, many of us have heard why sex after 50 should be better than it ever was before. But what if…

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Why Sex After Menopause Is Better

Sex After Menopause: Why Sex Is Better Now Than It Ever Was

There’s a common misconception about sex after menopause. Many people think that women’s libido diminishes, or that sex becomes less pleasurable. But…

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How To Make The Most of Sex After 50

Why These Common “Problems” With Sex After 50 Aren’t Problems At All

There are many things that change about sex after 50, but one thing stays the same: our pleasure. So, while sex may…

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How True Are These Myths About Sex After 50?

5 Common Myths About Sex After 50 That Are Totally False

If you look through any magazine or watch most TV shows, it’s easy to think sex is something only for people in…

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How Women Really Feel About Dating After 50

Here’s How Women Really Feel About Dating After 50

It seems like everybody has something to say about dating, especially as we get older. There are so many conversations around how…

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Here's The Truth About What Women Want In A Man

This Is Really What Women Want In A Man After Turning 50

As we get older, we learn from our experiences. With dating, we’ve had enough experiences (good and bad) to know what’s important…

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What Men Look For In A Woman As They Get Older Will Surprise You

The Surprising Truth About What Men Over 50 Want In A Woman

There are many changes that come with aging, especially when it comes to dating. Sure, people of all ages meet at bars,…

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Labor Day

Labor Day Realization: Summers Only Get Better With Age

Ever since we were kids, we’ve romanticized our summers. As the school year ended, we’d look forward and think of all the…

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